In June 2019, the KYNDLE Policy Board, which is the governing board of directors for the entity, formed a special task force to review the organizational components of KYNDLE.  The goal of the task force was to help determine the optimal structure for the organization to provide the best return on investment for its economic development stakeholders and chamber members.  

Since June, this task force met frequently to review the organizational structure of KYNDLE.  On Thursday, September 12th, they presented their analysis and made their recommendation to the KYNDLE Policy Board – which the board formally accepted.  The recommendation was made to amend and reorganize the existing KYNDLE structure.  Two separate entities will emerge from the reorganization – one entity to perform the Henderson Chamber of Commerce operations and one entity to perform the Economic Development operations.  Once the transition of those operations and the reorganization have been completed, those operations will no longer be performed under the KYNDLE umbrella and the KYNDLE name and brand will be discontinued. 

This change will provide more efficient services and a greater return on investment for both the chamber members and the economic development stakeholders.  For the Chamber side, it will continue to serve the business community in our region through network opportunities, advocacy, and economic sustainability efforts. It will also continue developing a sustainable structure of membership benefits, demonstrating business support and enhancement. 

For the Economic Development side, although economic development will be more specifically aligned with Henderson-Henderson County, the emphasis & importance for regional economic development – working with the immediate surrounding counties & neighbors in all directions (north, south, east & west) – will absolutely continue.  Economic Development will continue to support existing industries, implement and expand workforce development strategies in our Henderson region, and communicate opportunities available for industry outside our region and state.  Economic Development’s strong working relationship with local, regional, & state economic development officials will continue. Policy Board members will be visiting or contacting all existing economic development investors individually to provide more detail about the changes.  

During this transition, the daily operations of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development of Northwest Kentucky will continue as normal under the existing KYNDLE umbrella until necessary structural changes have been made & fully implemented.  The KYNDLE Policy Board will work together to create the organizational structure for the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, including forming what will be the new chamber board.  Ellen Redding, as Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, will continue to oversee its operations.  On the Economic Development side, with assistance from local city and county government and input from existing investors, the Policy Board will work together to create the organizational structure for the new economic development entity and what will be the new economic development board.  At this time, Tony Iriti will remain as KYNDLE CEO to assist with the transition and economic development operations, however, a search committee will be formed immediately to start the process of hiring a new executive for the economic development entity.  

“A great deal of thought and consideration was given by the task force before making its recommendation and by the Policy Board before accepting such a bold change to the KYNDLE organization.  We are excited about these changes and feel they are the correct & necessary ones to make at this time.  The benefits from these changes moving forward should greatly enhance both organizations independently,” stated KYNDLE Policy Board Chair, Tony Krampe.  

It is anticipated these structural changes will be completed and ready for implementation by January 1, 2020.  

For more information contact: Tony Krampe, KYNDLE Board Chairman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.